Sweet Treats & More In Store For Weddings In 2016

Who doesn’t love a good doughnut? If you are planning a wedding this year and you happen to be a fan of this sweet treat, then you are in luck because doughnuts may become THE wedding dessert of 2016.

Kim Forrest, an editor with WeddingWire, makes her predictions for the latest nuptial styles in her blog What’s Hot for 2016: Top Wedding Trends.  In addition to doughnuts, Forrest sees the high ballerina bun hairstyle making a comeback and cocktail-appetizer pairings becoming all the Clayton Center Wedding Nov 11 A.J. Dunlap Photography 03rage—think hot dogs and beer, tacos and margaritas. Couples can create a unique culinary cocktail hour by sharing their favorite sips and bites with guests.

What else can we expect to see when planning or attending a wedding this year? GIF Booths and illusion bodices are also among the fun and stylish trends. Read Forrest’s list for more info. And, plan to attend the free Clayton Wedding Expo right here at The Clayton Center, Saturday, January 23, 11 AM to 4 PM, to see the latest offerings from wedding professionals in and around Johnston County. Get the details here.