CHS Class Of 1965 To Reunite In Former School This Weekend

The Clayton High School Class of 1965 will hold its 50th class reunion at The Clayton Center this Saturday. Members of the class will meet in the Council Chambers to reminisce and catch up with old friends in the very building in which they came together as students.

Since 1915, the property that is now The Clayton Center has been the cornerstone of community life in Clayton. Over the years, the historic buildings housed the Clayton Graded School, Clayton High School and Auditorium and Clayton Elementary School.

Full of life and activity for nearly 75 years, the building closed in 1997 and sat neglected until a public-private partnership between the Town of Clayton and the Clayton Cultural Arts Foundation turned the building back into a vibrant center of life in Clayton.

It is always a pleasure to host Clayton School reunions here. Clayton School alumni are eager to share their stories of “the good old days,” when the halls of the buildings were filled with students and the auditorium was the site for school events and assemblies.

Ms. Pansy Dobson's class of Clayton Elementary School students, circa 1960.

Ms. Pansy Dobson’s class of Clayton Elementary School students, circa 1960.