Don’t Let Weather Dampen Your Plans

Bring The Outdoors IN FoFresh flowers add to the outdoor feel of your indoor summer party.r Summer Fun

If you would like to host a summer party but are afraid that hot, humid weather and the lingering chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms might put a damper on the fun, consider bringing the outdoors “in” by hosting the event at a local venue. With these simple tips, an indoor party can be just as much fun for your family and friends as a backyard bash.

In keeping with the theme, decorations will be an important part of the planning. Your decorations should showcase the summer party theme. Think floral motif, and use brightly colored decorative pots and table settings, even items associated with gardening, such as mini fences, butterflies, dragonflies and fresh flowers.

Much of the focus of your event will be the food. The perfect summer snacks highlight fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. For the main course, think BBQ – hotdogs and burgers, pulled pork, and plenty of salads. You can set up a buffet or use summery table settings that your guests can take to the serving tables.

As for beverages, citrusy punch, fresh lemonade and iced tea make wonderful non-alcoholic options. You may also opt to serve your favorite refreshing cocktails.

A few things you won’t have to worry about if you book your summer party – or any other type of party – at an indoor venue such as The Clayton Center is set up and clean up. As part of your event rental agreement, our staff will work with you to design a party layout and have all of your tables and chairs in place before you arrive. We’ll even clean up and break down tables at the end of your event, leaving you more time to relax with your guests.

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