Prinus Productions Presents Noche Gaitera 2019

“Noche Gaitera 2019” es un evento donde se celebra el inicio de la temporada navidena y es una tradicion Venezolana, se presentara el cuatrista, compositor y cantante Rafael “Pollo” Brito junto a la agrupacion gaitera “Proyecto Pentagrama”, y teniendo a la agrupacion regional de musica latina “Son Latinos.” La Gaita navideñas o gaitas venezolanas se trata de un género musical que tiene su origen en el estado Zulia de Venezuela, por tanto forma parte de las tradiciones del estado Zulia, además por su relevancia cultural fue declarado como bien patrimonial de interés cultural y artístico de Venezuela, puesto que se propagó por todo el territorio nacional e incluso alcanzó la relevancia a nivel internacional.

“Noche Gaitera 2019” is an event where the beginning of the Christmas season is celebrated and it is a Venezuelan tradition, the quatrist, composer and singer Rafael “Pollo” Brito will be presented next to the gaitera group “Proyecto Pentagrama”, and having the regional group of Latin music “Son Latinos”. The Christmas Gaitas or Venezuelan Gaitas is a musical genre that has its origin in the Zulia state of Venezuela, therefore it is part of the traditions of the Zulia state, in addition to its cultural relevance it was declared as a heritage asset of cultural and artistic interest of Venezuela, since it spread throughout the national territory and even reached international relevance.


I Am Enough Live

Join award-winning writer, life coach and relationship solutionist Suzette Vearnon for her first ever I AM ENOUGH “LIVE” event at The Clayton Center auditorium on Sunday, November 17, at 3:30pm.

“While you are in your setback, life is preparing YOUR COMEBACK.”–Tim Storey

After a recent setback, Suzette was faced with an uncertain future and a sobering question: Would she allow the set back to define her or wait for God to reveal her next steps? She chose the latter! He didn’t just reveal next steps but He pulled back the curtains to a bigger stage.

If you are:

Struggling to figure out what’s next in your life
Stuck in a rut and unable to get out
Scared that you’ll die without living your dreams
Wanting to let loose and live but you’re scared
“Waiting for your Boaz” but it’s taking him too damn long
Trying to put the pieces of your life back together after a break up
Playing the game of life at less than 100%, scared of what people will say
A lifelong learner and simply want to strengthen your resolve

This event is for you!

It will be an evening of hope and connection where Suzette will be sharing more of her remarkable story, how God engineered this to make room for her and the insights she’s gained. But more importantly, to tell you not to give up on your God-given dream. Do not give up on love. Do not give up on life. To find your comeback! No matter your age or your circumstances, it’s not too late for a turnaround.

This is a free event! RSVP now at

The Nutcracker Presented by Tippy Toes Dance Studio

This is a ticketed event. Ticket information to be announced.

Johnston County Chorus Presents Christmas is Coming, Sing for Joy

Johnston County Chorus Presents Christmas is Coming, Sing for Joy