Floral Selections Help Define Your Wedding Style

It’s Fall, and as floral experts will tell you, it’s the perfect time to use calla lilies, dahlias, mums, even pomegranate and cranberry, to create beautiful bridal arrangements. But what if you’re not planning to tie the knot until spring or summer? What’s the best option for those seasons?Fallweddingbouquetstheclaytoncenter

The task of selecting flowers for your special day ranks very near the top of the wedding planning priority list. Your wedding flowers will reflect your personal style, and help weave your style throughout the day – from the church to the reception and into your photos. So picking your wedding flowers and florist requires special attention.

In its online wedding planning sections, Bridal Guide offers some great advice on how to go about choosing both. From interviewing florists through signing the final contract, the Bridal Guide outline is a good resource as you tiptoe through the fields of floral choices. Check it out here.

By the way, what are some good options for the Spring, Summer and Winter weddings? According to Bridal Guide, it pays to use flowers (and fruit) that are in season, such as French tulip and amaryllis in Winter; hyacinth, tulip, daffodil, lilac, peony, sweet pea, lily of the valley and cherry blossom in Spring; and hydrangea, snapdragon, sunflower, tuberose, cornflower and zinnia in Summer.