Practical Advice For Running An HOA Meeting

Local Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are among the leading renters of space here at The Clayton Center. And, while we can provide an affordable and convenient location for these events, HOA board members may find that deciding how to most effectively conduct their meetings can be a challenge.

According to, following these six tips can help an HOA meeting run smoothly.

  1. Plan well and in advance. Have a plan because nobody likes to show up to a meeting that’s disorganized.
  2. Create a draw. If it’s an annual meeting, give owners a reason to attend. Instead of an annual meeting, make it an annual celebration where the board is presenting results in a positive light.
  3. Plan it to the minute.Tailor your agenda to the meeting, and assign time frames for agenda items.
  4. Leave no document behind. If it’s a board meeting, get the meeting packet out early, and include information or materials the board needs to make good business decisions.
  5. Take care of business. Create a good, strong agenda, and follow it. Business should be taken care of before any socializing.
  6. Get speakers. Enlist the local police chief to discuss ways to safeguard the home, the fire chief to talk about the types of fires they’ve had in the past year and how they could have been prevented, or an elected official, whether it’s a local council member or the mayor, to discuss local issues.

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