Relive Your Beatles Memories With “Yesterday & Today”

If you think you know all the words to every Beatles’ song, think again. You will be hard pressed to rival the McGuigan Brothers – Billy, Matt and Ryan. The McGuigans and their band spent six years rehearsing and perfecting the entire Beatles catalogue – all 230 songs – and they are prepared to perform ANY one of them EVERY night, note for note and in perfect harmony.smaller-The%20McGuigan%20Brothers

They can prove it to you this Friday evening, March 20, when they perform as part of the 2014-2015 Palladian Series. The show – Yesterday & Today: An Interactive Beatles Experience – begins at 8 PM.

In this spectacular show, you help to choose the playlist. Audience members can request their favorite Beatles’ songs prior to the show and again at intermission. You can just jot down the song title, along with a brief sentence or two about why the song is important to you, and the boys will take it from there.

Billy McGuigan, producer and lead talent in three national hit shows, developed the live request format for Yesterday & Today, complete with the requirement that all the band members memorize and be able to play on a second’s notice all 200-plus songs in the anthology. But, he says, it’s not your typical request show.

“Along with a request, we ask for the reason behind it. We also chat a little with the person who made the request, which makes the show interesting and interactive,” he said.

Billy and his brothers were influenced by their Dad, who would entertain the boys with his guitar and his love of the Beatles. “My Dad left me a great legacy…the love of music and the desire to share it in a way that makes people laugh, dance, smile, and remember.” And he plans to do just that on Friday night.