“Phantom” Star Performs Broadway Favorites This Saturday

Looking for a great way to celebrate Valentine’s weekend? How about the sweet sounds of your favorite Broadway classics performed by the man known as the “World’s Longest Running Phantom”?

Franc D’Ambrosio earned that reputation for his decade-long run as the lead in Phantom of the Opera. He is also known for his role as Anthony Corleone in the Academy Award nominated film The Godfather III. Franc sang the Academy Award winning theme song from the film trilogy and his performance has garnered over one million hits on YouTube. His performance so impressed the late Luciano Pavarotti that it led to an invitation—which was quickly accepted—for him to study with the legendary tenor, for the summer, at his home in Italy.

Franc’s other credits include three Emmy nominated television shows, two Grammy considerations (Best Male Vocalist 1999 and Traditional Pop Vocal Album 2005) and a National Theatre Award nomination for stage work in Barry Manilow’s Copacabana.

Franc currently tours extensively—throughout the United States, Europe and South America—with his critically acclaimed one man shows, including the wildly popular Broadway.