Tradition Changing When It Comes To Paying For A Wedding

WeddingcostsclaytoncenterblogConventional wedding tradition has held that the bride’s parents pay most of the wedding bills. This tradition dates back to a time when fathers paid a dowry to marry off their daughters, a practice that is hardly relevant today.

So, unless you like tradition for tradition’s sake, there are alternatives that can be considered when planning and paying for your wedding. Potential alternatives include splitting the cost of the wedding evenly between everyone involved in the party; the bride and groom paying for their own wedding. There are pros and cons to each as outlined in a blog by Stonebrook Manor of Denver, Colorado. Read the complete blog here.

Regardless of how you decide to pay for your special day, you should create a budget and encourage all parties to stick to it. For ideas on how to plan a memorable and affordable wedding, plan to attend the free workshop Your Budget-Friendly Wedding during the 2016 Clayton Wedding Expo. You can register for the Expo here, or contact Martha Vandergriff at The Clayton Center, 919-553-3152, for more information.