Your Wedding Day Has Arrived!

Plan Ahead So You Can Enjoy Your Special Day

You have spent the better part of a year or more planning a summer 2015 wedding. Now that the big day is almost here, you will want to be sure that everything goes as close to “exactly-as-planned” as possible. The following are a few reminders Clayton Center Wedding Aug 18 A.J. Dunlap Photography 13of last-minute things to consider. Having a plan in place to deal with these details will allow you to enjoy your day as much as your guests will.

The bride and groom will begin the day early, and you will each need to go over the following details. Is everyone’s clothing in place and ready? Are the flowers for boutonnieres and bouquets in place? Did someone in the wedding party (the best man, the maid or matron of honor) remember the rings? Is transportation arranged and ready to go? If the ceremony and reception are in different locations, does everyone have directions?

Many couples find that having a designated person, even if he or she is not a “wedding planner,” is a good idea to handle any last minute decisions, emergencies and/or contingencies that may crop up once the day begins. It’s a good idea for this point person to know who the primary contact is for the church or chapel, reception venue, florist, caterer and photographer/videographer.

Couples should pick someone they trust, and give them clear directions on how to resolve any conflicts. This might include having access to some cash or credit cards in case last minute, un-contracted or unexpected expenses pop up. The bride and groom will have extra peace of mind knowing that someone’s handling things, as they focus on having a fun and memorable wedding.

You also should consider how to end your day – your reception will not go on forever! You will want to be sure that your designated person or event planner has clear directions on how and when to bring the event to the end. You may want to have information available for rides for people who might have had too much to drink. You also want to have a ride at the ready to get bride and groom home safely. And don’t forget the gifts. Someone will need to make sure that the gift box/gift table is cleared, secured and ready to go home with the happy couple.

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