Annual Reports & Budgets

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Current Town Reports & Budgets

Comprehensive Plan 2045 (Growth Plan)

Our events, our parks and greenways, our proximity to Raleigh, our schools, our small town charm...Clayton is awesome! It must be...our population has increased 131% from 2000 to 2010. But if we don't plan for future growth, we risk missing opportunities and we risk losing all that we love about Clayton. According to capital-area planners - the Town could double in size in the next 30 years! Our Comprehensive Plan 2045 helps guide us into the future.

Vision 2025 Strategic Plan

The Vision 2025 Strategic Plan (PDF) is the Town of Clayton's 276-page wish list. Yes, we have a lot planned for our great town. 2025 is just around the corner and this document lays out the projects, goals and challenges we want to meet by then. This is a guide for citizens and town leaders to make Clayton a beautiful town with a unique, alive downtown, a community with a growing economy and a reputation as an arts community. We want our residents to have choices of livable neighborhoods, easy mobility, and enjoy great leisure and cultural opportunities. Look through the report and learn how we're going to make "The Premier Community for Active Families" even better.

Downtown Clayton Vision 2025

Our Downtown Development Association (DDA) is a group of people appointed by Town Council to strengthen the business, cultural and entertainment offerings in Downtown Clayton. To put this 2025 Downtown Clayton Vision Statement (PDF) together, the DDA engaged the community who recognizes a vibrant downtown is the key to economic development in any town.