Monitor Utility Usage - Online Utility Portal


Monitor your utility usage and save money by activating your online utility tracking portal!

  • Track water and electric usage 
  • View utility consumption in real time on any device 
  • Receive alerts notifying you of excess consumption 
  • Quickly identify leaks and malfunctions 
  • Budget your utility costs

Utility Portal Dashboard Example:

Utility Customer 123 Street Clayton, NC 27520

Utility Portal Usage Details and Weather Report Example:

Utility Customer 123 Street Clayton, NC 27520 (2)

Activate your portal at

You will need your account number and the number of your street address (if at 100 Main St., just enter 100) as it appears on your bill, as well as your email address associated with your account. 

The portal is a free tool provided by the Town for all current customers. Learn how to use it online with our online portal tutorial

Already activated? Log in here: online utility portal