Save Money & Conserve Energy

Monitor Usage

Want to know how much water and/or electric you are consuming in real-time? Find out by signing up for a utility portal account (Customers cannot pay their bill through this portal). For more information:

Energy Loan Program

Are you an owner who is thinking about installing new windows, storm doors, or new insulation to reduce your energy use and lower your bills? It's not cheap. So take advantage of our interest-free loans for Town of Clayton electric customers making energy-efficient improvements! Repayments are conveniently added to your utility bill. Call Customer Service at 919-553-5002 to find out more today or apply now (PDF)!

Join Our Money and Energy Saving Program!

More than 3,000 of your neighbors are already saving money and conserving energy by earning electric credits on their monthly utility bill. It's a free and voluntary program that allows us to place a small switch on either your air conditioner, electric water heater or electric heat strips. The switch is activated during the few times that we experience a high demand for power. This brief interruption reduces your power usage, which lowers your bill, and you receive credits on your bill for participating in the program.

Savings are up to $60 a year for electric water heaters, $48 for heat pump/heat strips and $24 a year with your air conditioner compressor. Call us at 919-553-1530 to sign up today!

All new residential construction has the switches installed.

Free Energy Audits

The Town of Clayton offers a free home energy audit to customers who want to learn how to save money. Some of the greatest effects on energy usage are customer behavior, climate, and age of the home. We'll check out the efficiency, physical condition, and programming of mechanical systems in your home such as heating, ventilation, air conditioners and thermostats, as well as review past utility bills. To schedule a free energy audit, call our Utilities and Billing Department at 919-553-5002.

Bank Draft

Don't want to mess with making a trip to Town Hall or writing out a check, buying a stamp and hitting the mailbox or post office? Have your utility bills drafted directly from your bank account on a set date of the month. This convenient free service prevents lost or late payments and saves you time, gas, and postage! Bank Draft Application (PDF)

Equal Payment Plan

Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly how much your utility bill is going to be every month? Now you will with our Equal Payment Plan! With this free program, we look at your monthly bills over the past 12 months and figure out your average bill - that's what you'll be billed every month. It helps you to budget, plan ahead, and avoid some of that anxiety about surprisingly high seasonal bills. Call Customer Service at 919-553-5002 today to learn how it works or you can find our application here (PDF)!

Extra Money Saving Tips