How do I schedule a fire truck to come to my school, daycare, or other event?

When we schedule a "station tour" or "fire truck showing", we incorporate a fire prevention presentation to educate children and adults on the importance of fire safety. Instead of focusing on Fire Prevention during the one week of October designated as "Fire Prevention Week", we focus on it throughout the year! The schedule is maintained through our Risk Management Division/Fire Marshal's Office, and we reach over 4,000 people annually, ranging in ages from 3 years old to senior citizens. To schedule an event, contact Clayton Fire Department at 919-553-1520.

Side note: Events may be interrupted, postponed, or sometimes canceled depending upon calls for services, other events, etc. We recommend that anyone that has a scheduled event contact Clayton Fire Department at 919-553-1520 on the day of the event to make sure there are no schedule changes or issues. Even with contact information on our calendar, fire department personnel may be busy handling a call and not have an opportunity to make a phone call.

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16. How do I schedule a fire truck to come to my school, daycare, or other event?
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