How can I volunteer with Parks and Recreation?

We are always looking for volunteers for special events, work in the community garden, coaching and more. Please fill out the volunteer form (PDF).

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1. How do I register for a class, program, or athletics event?
2. Where is the Clayton Community Center?
3. What amenities does the Community Center offer?
4. How do I join the Clayton Community Center?
5. What are the hours at the Clayton Community Center?
6. How do I know if I am a resident of the Town of Clayton?
7. Where can I find athletic schedules and other information?
8. Do I have to have a membership to take classes or participate in athletics?
9. When is Open Gym time for the basketball court at Clayton Community Center?
10. How do I report a concern on a trail, park or greenway?
11. I have a great idea for a program or class. Who should I contact?
12. How can I volunteer with Parks and Recreation?
13. Does the Town of Clayton have a Swimming Pool?
14. Does the town have a dog park?
15. How do I sponsor a ball team or special event?
16. How do I rent a ballfield or basketball court?
17. Can I reserve a picnic shelter?
18. Where are the Tennis Courts in Town?
19. Where are the parks and trails in town and how long is each trail?
20. Why are bathrooms sometimes closed?
21. Are alcoholic beverages permitted in parks?
22. Can I fish in the pond at Clayton Community Park?